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install AWSDevTools in the git repo for elastic beanstalk on windows

I am trying to setup the AWSDevTools for git on windows using git bash and I receive an error when running the oneTimeSetup.bat file. The error says “was not loaded because no valid module file was found in any module directory.” Any ideas on what I am missing or any tutorials specific to windows? This […]

How to run git pull and bypass SSH passphrase prompt in user startup script?

This is on Ubuntu, I have a user startup shell script that runs every time the instance boots (EC2 via –user-data-file argument). I want to have the instance do a git pull from a specific branch every time it boots. The problem is when I do a git pull, there is a SSH key passphrase […]

Capistrano Deploy Permission Denied

I`m trying to deploy my app Rails 4 app with Capistrano on Amazon EC2 but I keeping getting Acess Denied (publickey). executing locally: “git ls-remote git@github.com:myuser/myrepo.git HEAD” Permission denied (publickey). fatal: Could not read from remote repository. On the remote server I`m able to git clone my repo. Here : Initialized empty Git repository in […]

Failed to add the host to the list of known hosts – Accidentally removed all files from my .ssh folder

Noob here. I removed all the files from my /Users/fakename/.shh folder. The result is that now I can’t git clone a repository from beanstalk. When I try I get the error Failed to add the host to the list of known hosts Permission denied (public key). I am also having problems doing a SSH login […]

Bundle Git SSH keys into a private AMI

I have an EC2 instance which runs an app hosted on a private git repo. I need to be able to launch many of these from my master server. At the moment, I have 5 fixed “worker” instances which I start/stop from the master with no problem. Each worker starts, pulls the repo, and launches […]

How to manage third party files in replicable EC2 instance?

I have a file from a library with size > 50MB so I cannot deploy it with Git in my instances. I include this file in some of my PHP scripts, so what should I do in order to leave my instance replicable and include this file in my scripts? I can store it in […]

Push a git repo to a remote server via ssh

So I have an AWS EC2 server that I ssh into using a private.pem file. I do this by passing it as an argument with -i flag ssh -i private.pem “user@host” And this private.pem file is not in my .ssh directory. I have a git repository on my ec2 which I want to push to, […]

AWS Deployment Failed due to “HEALTH_CONSTRAINTS”

I am working on a scenario, where I need to push the code from a GIT repository to AWS Instance. To achieve this I am using AWS CodeDeploy feature. But in the final step of the process to deploy the code, I am receiving the below error. Deployment Failed The overall deployment failed because too […]

How to change user identity when git pushing via ssh?

So I am trying to set up some automated git pushing/pulling on an EC2 instance. Doing this super simply via Node: var add = require(‘child_process’).execSync(‘git add {FILENAME}) var commit = require(‘child_process’).execSync(‘git commit -m “{COMMIT_MESSAGE}”‘) I created a new ssh key on my EC2 instance, adding it as a deploy key on the GitHub repo and […]

Scripted GitHub setup for private repos on new EC2 instance?

Basically, I’m trying to clone private repos (and gists) on a new EC2 instance within a user-data-file. Currently (post instance launch), I generate a key, add it to my GitHub account, then clone the repos (and manually enter github password). Should I use something ike gitosis for this? There must be a better way! # […]

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