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Bitbucket different keys and accounts

Any way of configuring ssh to use a different key for each account of bitbucket (or github)? I mean, if I’m going to work with *.bitbucket:user1 ssh should use key id_rsa.user1 and for *.bitbucket:user2 should user id_rsa.user2 Have tried it by doing: IdentityFile ~/.ssh/id_rsa.user1 IdentityFile ~/.ssh/id_rsa.user2 Host *.bitbucket.org:user1* IdentityFile ~/.ssh/id_rsa.user1 User git Host *.bitbucket.org:user2* IdentityFile […]

PhpStorm. Two GitHub projects handled with different GitHub accounts

I have 2 different GitHub projects and I want to handle them separately. Each project with different GitHub account but it seems impossible. After get into Settings – Version Control – Github, there is only one place to put user and password (or token) and it seems is shared for all PhpStorm projects. If I […]

GitHub username change (with noreply as email for commits)

I saw that GitHub had a name change feature, and the loss seemed not very problematic for me. However, I realized after the fact that I had been using my old name’s @users.noreply.github.com to commit and everything. So, that old email had all my previous commits linked together. Is there any way to fix this […]

Github – I switched accounts and now I can't push because I have the wrong username

So I’m now “jononomo” on github. A year ago, however, I was “zononomo”. I quit software for a while and bought a new laptop in the interim. Then I came back and created a new account on Github under the handle “jononomo” and now I’m trying to sync my dotfiles between my two laptops. From […]

Will changing my Github username to SnakeCase break anything?

So I read How to safely change github account name? But if I just change my username from stevemoser to SteveMoser that shouldn’t break any of my repos right? Or is git case sensitive?

How to safely change github account name?

I would like to change my github account name, I found an option in GitHub account settings. However, I am concerned about consequences and would like to know what is the best strategy of name change, considering that I have some projects of my own tied to this account. So far, I came up with […]

Github wrong username

I have setup with guthub with a previous github account on this computer called myaccount when i run this command ssh -T git@github.com Hi myaccount! You’ve successfully authenticated, but GitHub does not provide shell access. Ok but i have now setup a new github account called samaccount but i cant run this command i get […]

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