Git whatchanged – how to see full path of a file with changes

I am trying to have list number of changes of files in a specific range (since .. until date) in a Git repository (Chromium)
My command is:

git whatchanged --since="Aug 16 2009" --until="Aug 17 2009" --stat -r

Output is:

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  • .../extensions/      |    1 -

    My problem is that I want to see the full path of the file, not with “…”

    I tried something like:

    git whatchanged --since="Aug 16 2009" --until="Aug 17 2009" --full-diff --abbrev=400


    :100644 100644 a3d3889fd542c60c98b6e1b2ecf0bc90148f20e8
    M chrome/browser/extensions/

    It’s a 40-byte hexadecimal commit object name. I tried to convert this hex to decimal but the result was far different from “1 -” (want the same as above not-full-path result)

    My question is:
    Do you have any idea to use git whatchanged in order to show full path of a file with number of changes behind?

    Thanks in advanced.

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  • One Solution collect form web for “Git whatchanged – how to see full path of a file with changes”

    whatchanged can take the same commands as diff-tree and rev-list which it uses internally. you can try adding --stat=200 --stat-name-width=150 to your command from diff-tree which will adjust the width of the stats column to 200, and the file name to 150 which should give you all of it, or you can use --pretty to adjust the log output to your needs in other ways

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