Git Variables in Jenkins Workflow plugin

I’d like to access git variables such as GIT_COMMIT and GIT_BRANCH when I have checked out a repository from git further down in the build stream. Currently I find no available variable to access these two parameters.

node {
    git git+ssh://

Is such variables available and in case, where would I find them. I don’t mind if they are available through some groovy variables or wherever, just that I can access them.

Maybe I lack the debugging skills in Groovy and this is easy to find, but I just can’t find it with my limited skills.

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    This is what I’m doing, based on the example provided in the Jenkins examples repo:

    node {
        git url: ''
        sh 'git rev-parse --abbrev-ref HEAD > GIT_BRANCH'
        git_branch = readFile('GIT_BRANCH').trim()
        echo git_branch
        sh 'git rev-parse HEAD > GIT_COMMIT'
        git_commit = readFile('GIT_COMMIT').trim()
        echo git_commit

    With the 2.4 release of the Pipeline Nodes and Processes Plugin, you can simply do:

    def gitCommit = sh(returnStdout: true, script: 'git rev-parse HEAD').trim()

    This example might get you further:

    In this example they are piping the output of git commands to a file, and then reading the file.

    I good way to fix this for now is to use the Multi-branch pipeline, and it might be good to know that Bitbucket and Github have plugins in Jenkins that sets up an organisation and autodiscovers new projects. This works natively then with env.GIT_BRANCH

    For commit ID I would suggest what @mkobit wrote above.

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