Git uses invalid author name in commits

When i commit git uses not company mail but my personal, which i use in chrome, i do commits using ssh URL and ssh key contains correct mail address, in git lab commits are also under my name but when i open commit author there is my personal URL with nick name. Usually i commit using intellij idea but same result with console commands

I have already reinstalled git and replaced ssh key with new one but it still use my personal nick as author.

So how can i change author of new commits, so it’ll be by default correct?
i don’t want to write console commands with author argument every time i commit.

OS windows 7

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  • 2 Solutions collect form web for “Git uses invalid author name in commits”

    Update your Git config file with required Name and Email Id.

    You can update your config file from Git Bash:

    git config --global "[Your name]"
    git config --global [email address]

    This will set a global username and email.

    To check your current settings:

    git config --list
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