Git to CVS: how do I _regress_?

Because I’m totally insane (well, there are better reasons but I’m not allowed to talk about them), what’s the best approach to port a Git repo to CVS? I haven’t used any Git-specific features that I can think of that would hinder the operation, and I know how the authors map.

There are thousands of hits everywhere for CVS->Git. I want to go the other way.

  • Only run unit tests which's respective source code has changed?
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    This question and the accepted answer has a section on exporting changes to CVS. Maybe you can create an empty CVS repository and then export your current HEAD to that?

    I feel for you though…

    If you by any chance had an option to live with mixed setup, where the server is still git, there is git cvsserver command (part of git, though various distributions package it separately, because few people need it). That would allow you to keep using git for some work and still access it with CVS where you are stuck with that.

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