Git-tfs trying to pull from old tfs server instead of our new one

My team transferred our tfs from an old server to a new one a little bit ago. We are using git tfs to manage our local changes and to push them into tfs.

However I am running into an issue when I clone a exsisting repo from tfs like so

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    Git is able to connect to the new server and pull everything down. I can then make changes and commit them with no problem. It isn’t until I try to do a git tfs pull or git tfs checkintool this I get an error saying:

    Unable to locate a remote for <http://our.old.tfs/tfs>$/project

    When I check the config the url is defined as so I do not know where it is getting the idea to pull from the old server.

    I have tried deleting the remotes section from the config file and do a git tfs init [remote] but still the same error comes up. I have even scraped the repo and started with a fresh clone but still the same thing. It always points to the old server and not the new one.

    I have been looking online for hours but with no luck in finding a solution. Please let me know if you can provide any helpful advice!

    Thank you in advance!

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    I actually found my answer so I will post it here in case anyone else runs into the same issue!

    You have to add your old url to the list of legacy-urls like so:

    git config tfs-remote.default.legacy-urls http://your.old.url/

    I hope that helps for anyone that has or will be pulling their hair out in the future!

    Or edit the config file located under .git and change the url to the new location and add the legacy url.

    [tfs-remote "default"]
        url =
        legacy-urls = http://your.old.url
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