git svn shows not correct merge graph

I use git svn bridge and have created some branches that I merged back into master, the problem is if a co-worker fetches the same repo with gitsvn, the merge is not shown in his log.

git          svn
master       /trunk
branch1      /branches/branch1
branch2      /branches/branch2

Branches were based on 584…, a few commits to the master on fc80, 8f99, e0fd, 9df1, 536
after that some testcommits to branch1 (989…) and branch2(8b4…) were done.

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  • After this, I merged branch 1 into master, commit id e1b. I worked some more and later on merged branch 2 into master, commit id 422.

    All merging is fine, looks good so far.

    Now the problem: if another developer fetches the changes using git-svn from svn server, the branches show no merge path.

    How can I make sure that the other developers also know when a branch was merged into master?

    All fine after merge on my computer:
    enter image description here

    Log shown on another computer after git-svn fetch
    enter image description here

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  • One Solution collect form web for “git svn shows not correct merge graph”

    git-svn doesn’t support merges very well (read: pretty much not at all). This is because, when it was designed, SVN had no way of storing merge information at all, so git-svn turns merge commits into normal commits when submitting them to SVN (or when updating from SVN).

    For a potential solution for future merges, look at the documentation of the --mergeinfo option to dcommit in git-svn’s manpage. As the text there explains, there are still issues even with this, and it’ll probably be necessary to use the -p option to git svn rebase if you have local merges that haven’t been dcommitted yet.

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