Git svn rebase : checksum mismatch

I have a problem when I try to do a git svn rebase on my repository. It displays :

Checksum mismatch: code/app/meta_appli/
expected: d9cefed5d1a630273aa3742f7f414c83
     got: 4eb5f3506698bdcb64347b5237ada19f

I searched a lot but haven’t found a way to solve this problem.

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  • If anybody knows, please share your knowledge.
    Thanks in advance.

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  • 5 Solutions collect form web for “Git svn rebase : checksum mismatch”

    This solution was the only one that worked for me:

    See what was the revision number of the last change on the file:

    git svn log chrome/test/functional/

    Reset svn to be closest parent before that revision:

    git svn reset -r62248 -p

    Do a git svn fetch!

    Dance at your success.

    Just happened to me, I run out of space in the middle of a “git svn dcommit” and after that I was getting the same message, “Checksum mismatch”.

    I just edited .git/refs/remotes/git-svn and replaced the id of the problematic commit with the previous one. Next rebase fixes the problem.

    I encountered this error when I just specified branches but no trunk. When I specified one of the branches as trunk, there was no error any more when I retried. (The whole “trunk”, “branch”, “trunk” distinction is generally speaking a bit silly to enforce in git svn as they are just human conventions without any deeper technical meaning behind them in svn.)

    I just did a git gc and then git svn rebase worked again.

    In our practice the error “Checksum mismatch:” on .shtml files in git svn clone … command was caused by the setup of the front-end Apache server to interpret the.shtml files (from SVN) as Server-Side Includes (SSI) and thus produce live content instead of just providing the stored file content. Disabling SSI in Apache’s /etc/httpd.conf file for the period of migration by commenting out the

    AddType text/html .shtml
    AddOutputFilter INCLUDES .shtml

    directives solved the problem.
    Anyway, the migration of the repository could exclude some paths and files happens with:

    git svn clone <URL> --ignore-paths=<regex>

    clause. It makes sense to check the environment of the SVN server process if those files have special interpretation like SSI (and the .php and .py files) and disable it.

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