git-svn: re-link git-svn cloned repo to svn

I have on my gitlab a git repo which was originally cloned using git svn clone I used to dcommit to the svn as well as git push to the gitlab from my local copy. But now I have now lost the original local copy where I do the git-svn clone from.. I do git clone from my gitlab but now I lost the capability to fetch from the svn and dcommit again.. Is there any way I can restore it? I’ve never back up the .git/svn folder under the git directory… 🙁

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    It is easy.

    Open up your git config (under .git/config)

    and add the following to the end

    [svn-remote "svn"]
          url =
          fetch = :refs/remotes/git-svn

    you can then git-fetch to relink all your git-svn revisions

    P.S: if it takes too long and/or your revisions are too many, you can directly move your refs/remotes/git-svn to the last known svn-revision before doing the git-fetch

    git update-ref refs/remotes/git-svn refs/heads/master

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