git svn dcommit does not find changes and reset head

I have a big problem with gitsvn: I need to just push my git repo to a svn server, so I made the following

svn mkdir --parents http://host/path/to/repo/{trunk,tags,branches} \
    -m "Standard layout for $project"
git svn init -s http://host/path/to/repo/
git svn fetch
git rebase trunk master
git svn dcommit

This worked great and everything is both on git and svn!

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  • Now I got the message that my git master branch is 31 commits behind the origin/master, so I made a git pull.
    Now I changed some things in my repo (basicily its a eclipse java project) and commited it. Now I want also to push it on the svn repo and made a
    git svn dcommit
    but thats not working:

    Committing to https://..../trunk ...
    No changes
    38b194cb2860b8bb73924cb05f9830dbdb70cf82~1 == 38b194cb2860b8bb73924cb05f9830dbdb70cf82
    No changes between current HEAD and refs/remotes/trunk
    Resetting to the latest refs/remotes/trunk
    Unstaged changes after reset:
    M       Product/Abgabe.tex
    Unable to extract revision information  from commit daf483ad1333f3589386b87054f4c27fb7ff23cf~1

    What I did wrong? The master is now reseted to the commit before, now I need to git checkout -- Abgabe.tex and git pull to have the right version here…

    Edit: If I do a git svn rebase, I get for every commit a long list of CONFLICTS, so I made git rebase --skip to the end, and then dcommted, this was working, but it seems to be a bloody hack :/

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  • One Solution collect form web for “git svn dcommit does not find changes and reset head”

    I think what you are missing in your work flow is git svn rebase

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