Git Submodule/Subtree specific folders/projects

So my issue is I have 2 solutions and 1 relies on certain projects from the other so I have:

Solution 1 (repository)

  • project 1
  • project 2
  • project 3
  • project 4

Solution 2 (repository)

  • project 1
  • project 3
  • project 5

So see the overlap that solution 1 and 2 share projects 1 and 3, in the cvs world we accomplished this easily but I haven’t found how to do this in git.

I have see submodule and subtree but from my understanding this share at a repository level and do not allow for specific projects/folders to be shared within the repository.

The Solutions we have are actually much larger than described above (solution 1 has 44 projects). the idea we are floating around but we don’t really like is to create a separate repository for each project that needs to be shared but this would mean 17 or so extra repositories, there has to be an easier way no?

Thank you.

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