Git submodule troubles – changing underlying repo address

I have a project where I added a git submodule to a fork of a repo that is out of date. Rather than pointing to that fork, I decided to change the submodule reference to point to the original repo instead.

I edited the .gitmodules file to reflect the new reference and ran git submodule init and git submodule update --recursive however there is no effect, am I missing a step here?

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    neevek mentions .git/config, and the documentation of git config confirms:


    The path within this project, URL, and the updating strategy for a submodule.
    These variables are initially populated by git submodule init; edit them to override the URL and other values found in the .gitmodules file.


    • changing the values in the .gitmodules alone isn’t enough (the url in the .git/config will have precedence).
    • git submodule init, as the documentation mentions, does not alter existing information in .git/config (and that explains why your commands didn’t have any visible effect).
      You can then customize the submodule clone URLs in .git/config for your local setup and proceed to git submodule update.

    I personally find this url duplication a bit confusing…

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