'git status' shows changes to be commited, but 'git push origin master' says 'Everything up-to-date'

I had some conflicts between my local repo and the remote repo.

So, I did:

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    git pull origin master
    git stash apply
    // here i had merge conflicts, so i edited the files and did
    git add file1
    git add file2
    git commit

    Now when I do git status it shows a bunch of modified files, etc.
    But git push origin master says Everything up-to-date.

    Any ideas?

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    If git status is showing modified files, those aren’t going to be pushed because they’re not committed yet. git status only shows changes that haven’t yet been committed (even if they have been staged).

    Try committing again and see if there are any error messages when you go to commit. (You may also need to git add files that didn’t have merge conflicts, if they were affected by whatever your popped from your stash – stashing doesn’t save stage state.)

    Did your commit actually succeed? If you had indeed made a commit since you pulled, pushing back to origin would have to push that commit. It sounds like you haven’t. The fact that git status shows modified files still is another sign that you haven’t – ideally, you’d end up with a clean tree after commmitting; git status would show “nothing to commit”. If they’re still showing up as modified, they haven’t been committed yet.

    Two things:

    1. First, have you done ‘git add .’ and ‘git commit -a’, just to be sure you’ve actually gotten everything and added everything?
    2. You may wish to try switching your autocrlf – ‘git config core.autocrlf true’, ‘git config core.autocrlf false’ and so on, doing a ‘git status’ in between each one. I run into this problem all the time.

    This might go without saying, but just to be explicit, make sure your local branch is ‘master’. When you run git status look to see which branch you’re on. If, for example, you created a branch called ‘foo’ and are currently on that branch you’ll have to run this command to push your current ‘foo’ branch to the remote ‘master’ branch:

    git push origin foo:master

    You can do first git commit -a -m “any message after change file”

    Then do git push origin master and then your changes will reflect in remote repo too.

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