GIT SSH connection issue

I am trying to access a remote repo from the GIT bash on Windows 8.

I have been through the steps detailed at which ensure GIT is using the right public/private key.

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    Connecting via SSH, I am asked firstly for the passphrase for the key stored at /c/Users/bwimbush/.ssh/id_rssa. After entering that, I am then asked for “’s” password. I don’t understand why I am asked for this password?

    I can log into the git setup online using my google account, but that pw is not the pw it is asking for.

    Can anyone help me understand why connecting via https changes read/write/access rights on the files, or why it is asking me for “”‘s password?

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  • One Solution collect form web for “GIT SSH connection issue”

    Fire up Git bash window and run

    ssh -i /c/Users/bwimbush/.ssh/id_rsa -v 'git --version'

    and see what it tells you about the authentication process taking place. (You could try adding more “-v”-s). Pay close attention to those messages involving the word “pubkey”.

    Does this print anything fishy?

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