Git Sparse Checkout Leaves No Entry on Working Direcotory

I am trying to use sparse-checkout to just check-out a directory from a BitBucket repository, but getting a “Sparse checkout leaves no entry on working directory” error when I try to pull.

The BitBucket repository has the following directory structure:

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    • SomeProjectRepo
      • JohnsProject
      • MarysProject
      • MyProject

    I have a local directory on E:\Temp\SomeProjectRepo on my Windows 7 laptop. I want to just checkout/pull “MyProject” from the BitBucket repository to my local directory, so I can just work on E:\Temp\SomeProjectRepo\MyProject.

    So I created “E:\Temp\SomeProjectRepo” and did the following in DOS:

    1. cd E:\Temp\SomeProjectRepo
    2. git remote add origin
    3. git init
    4. git config core.sparsecheckout true
    5. echo MyProject > .git/info/sparse-checkout
    6. git pull origin master

    At step 6, I get the “Sparse checkout leaves no entry on working directory”. I have tried different syntax in step 5 (e.g. MyProject\, SomeProjectRepo\*, SomeProjectRepo\MyProject\, etc, etc) but none worked.

    How do I use sparse-checkout (or any other tools) to only work on “MyProject“?

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  • One Solution collect form web for “Git Sparse Checkout Leaves No Entry on Working Direcotory”

    OK, I got this working. As I expected it was not working because of step 5.

    The line below works now:

    echo "MyProject/*"> .git/info/sparse-checkout

    The important thing is to use /, use * and leave no space at the end of the directory.

    Then you may pull again or checkout the branch (git checkout master).

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