git: solving conflicts caused by rebase

because I did something really bad in the past, I have to insert an empty commit at beginning for a rebase. When doing the described steps of the solution (found here Insert a commit before the root commit in Git?) I struggle at the rebase command because of many mergeconflicts. Some are so complicated that it is almost impossible for me to solve them. Most of them have following structure:

--A---B---C--   B changes file 'foo.txt'
   \     /      D and E change file 'file.txt'
    D---E       git rebase tries to apply B on D (due to time stamp)..

When searching around, I found that git provides with rerere a tool for applying already solved conflicts. Unfortunately I did not know it before so it was not turned on. Is it possible to activate it and scan the history for resolutions? Or is there a different way to achieve the same result? Or do I have no other possibility than solving everything by hand?

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    At this point, you’re stuck with resolving conflicts by hand, unfortunately. However. if you describe the original problem you’re trying to solve, there may be a way to fix that without a rebase.

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