Git show whole file changes

Is there a way to get the git show command to show the whole contents of a file when viewing a commit? For example: if it currently show something like


+++ int main() {
+++    std::cout << "HELLO" << std::endl;
+++ }

I would want the output to say:

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  • foo.cpp
    #include <stdio> //assuming this was from an earlier commit
    +++ int main() {
    +++    std::cout << "HELLO" << std::endl;
    +++ }

    Is there a simple way to do this?

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  • One Solution collect form web for “Git show whole file changes”

    This is kind of a hack, but git show (like git diff) has the -U option that lets you specify how many lines of context to show. If you use a number that’s bigger than the region between the difference and the start or end of the file, then it’ll show the whole file. So if you use a really big number, it’ll work the way you want on (hopefully) any file you try it on:

    git show -U99999
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