git set remote path to git executable files over ssh

I connect over ssh to a distant machine using this in my ~/.ssh/config:

Host myserver
    User myusername
    ProxyCommand ssh myserver2 exec nc myserver 22

But when I try to pull the remote git repository, I obtain this error:

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  • % git pull myserver:~/mygitrepository
    zsh:1: command not found: git-upload-pack
    fatal: The remote end hung up unexpectedly

    The problem is that my git executable files are not in standard path defined by $PATH. On the remote machine:

    % which git-upload-pack

    and on the local machine:

    % ssh myserver "env | grep PATH"

    ssh doesn’t read the remote PATH definition in .zshrc or .bashrc. How can I define the PATH to git executable files over ssh?

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  • One Solution collect form web for “git set remote path to git executable files over ssh”

    Actually I’ve found my answer here. One solution is to set the upload-pack path in the remote using :

    git pull --upload-pack=/c5/shared/git/1.7.6/bin/git-upload-pack myserver:~/mygitrepository

    in the client.

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