Git S3 KeyError

I’m trying to set up GitS3 to use git with s3. I’m simply not sure how to treat this error:

~/code/jumpin/pipe: python $GITS3/src/gits3/ push s31 refs/head/master
Local Refs:  refs/head/master
HEAD 8d1ccd43c5d7245c8376d8245f460ea554de5cab
refs/remotes/origin/HEAD 8d1ccd43c5d7245c8376d8245f460ea554de5cab
refs/remotes/origin/master 8d1ccd43c5d7245c8376d8245f460ea554de5cab
refs/heads/master 8d1ccd43c5d7245c8376d8245f460ea554de5cab
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "/Users/frout/code/gits3/src/gits3/", line 124, in <module>
  File "/Users/frout/code/gits3/src/gits3/", line 93, in main
    updated_objects = client.get_updates(refs, tracking_ref)
  File "/Users/frout/code/gits3/src/gits3/", line 67, in get_updates
    local = refs[local_ref]
KeyError: 'refs/head/master'

Anyone knows what I need to fix?

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  • One Solution collect form web for “Git S3 KeyError”

    Considering this code (which can raise a KeyError), this seems linked to an improper ref.

            # .git/HEAD
            if refs.startswith('refs/heads'):
                head_str = 'ref: ' + refs + '\n'
                head_str = 'refs: refs/heads/' + refs + '\n'


     python $GITS3/src/gits3/ push s31 refs/heads/master
                                                        --- heads, not head

    In Git Internals: Git References, refs/heads does exist, not refs/head.

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