Git revert merge to specific parent

I have a git repo and am having trouble reverting a merge. The current hash is 0ce2ca0b35f59af267241cf4d40d16a3e13ba6f3. and it has two parents:


doing the following will revert to df1acf5f54426d30f12c6b4558c3dd922297aae3

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  • git revert -m 1 0ce2ca0b35f59af267241cf4d40d16a3e13ba6f3

    how do I revert to e19b912404ffd3c153ccac3072dbf22396896d2a?

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  • One Solution collect form web for “Git revert merge to specific parent”

    git revert -m 2 0ce2ca0b35f59af267241cf4d40d16a3e13ba6f3

    Parents are numbered starting with 1; you want the second one.

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