git request-pull from local branch to remote master

I really love the github pull-request method for collaboration on distributed software development. It allows discussion and code review.

My goal is to use the same flow but inside our repository without github. I don’t want to fork the project.

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  • Lets imagine, I develop an awesome feature locally. And I want to make a pull request on my master branch to force code review.

      A---B---C feature/awesomeFeature
    D---E---F---G origin/master

    is it possible to make a pull request on origin/master ?

    I tried git request-pull feature/awesomeFeature origin without any success

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  • 2 Solutions collect form web for “git request-pull from local branch to remote master”

    If you developed your feature branch locally, you just have to use:

    git request-pull origin/master feature/awesomeFeature

    This will only give you a summary of the changes. If you want every detail, remember to add -p (for patch) to your command line.

    Pull requests aren’t actually implemented within git itself, so you will need another system to sit on top of git. If you want to host your repository yourself, you can use software such as GitLab to manage your repo and allow you to make pull requests.

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