Git: Renaming files with EGit causes deletion of file history

I use Eclipse EGit plugin to work with git repository.
(I even use it for local projects to track changes made by tools.)

However I discovered problem that makes usage for team projects not so good:
When renaming a folder or file, I get to commits 2 items:
1 to add as new, and 1 to delete.
This way there is no history who & when edited this file, no way to look back at evolution.

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  • This problem is likely not caused by EGit, but git.
    See answer for Renaming in Git and Mercurial: Accuracy and automaticity

    How to keep history of files when a lot of refactoring and renaming is going on?

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  • 3 Solutions collect form web for “Git: Renaming files with EGit causes deletion of file history”

    See the Git FAQ, section Why does git not “track” renames?,

    This however does not answer how to keep history when usit EGit in Eclipse.
    I need to try

    p.s. Link for EGit. // Thanks to jszakmeister

    Note that with EGit 3.0, Rename detection was added to the file diff viewer in the History view and Commit editor (bug 335082):

    rename detection with EGit 3.0

    See git help log, particularly the –follow option.

    Don’t know how to do this in Egit, though, but if Egit isn’t doing what you want, why not use other tools to supplimement the basic functionality?

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