Git – removing a commit

I forked a repo on Github a few months ago, and have made three commits. I’d like to submit a pull request with some bug fixes back to the original project, but one of the commits had some changes which don’t apply to them.

How on earth do I fix this? I’m coming from an svn background, so most of the terminology, etc. has a very different meaning that I’d expect.

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    Create a new branch with only the changes you want, and submit a pull request from that instead of your master. Doing git branch origin my-new-branch-name will create a new branch you can work on without any changes from your work. Then git checkout my-new-branch-name will start work on it. Then apply your changes with e.g. git cherry-pick my_commit_id_1 my_commit_id_1. Finally git push ssh:// my-new-branch-name will push it to the server from which you can issue a pull request.

    To just get rid of the commit, you can do the following.

    • Run git log to get the hash of the commit that you want to get rid of
    • Run git rebase --interactive abc123^, where abc123 is the hash of the bad commit
    • Delete the bad commit from the list that pops up in your editor (delete the line with that commit: leave the other lines)
    • Save and close the editor, and Git will rebase all later commits onto the parent of the bad commit
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