Git & Rails — I messed up, can i revert to last commit (delete model/controller/migrations/code)

This is my first time using any sort of version control (git) and excited to get a chance to see how well this works… I’m a bit confused on what all it can though.

I have a master branch were I keep all my tested, everything works commits….and I’m currently on the development branch where I’m adding some new features.

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  • I added a model/controller and migrated the database and created some routes.

    I didnt commit any of these changes since I f*cked up in a major way somewhere in the process.

    How can I revert back to the last state of the development branch…pre-generation of model/controller/migrations…where everything worked.

    is there one command that will change the database as well as everything else..

    I’m using rails 3 and sqlite, if that helps


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  • One Solution collect form web for “Git & Rails — I messed up, can i revert to last commit (delete model/controller/migrations/code)”

    Revert to the latest HEAD with:

    git reset --hard HEAD
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