Git Push To New Repo Pushing Wrong Content

I tried creating a new repo on Bitbucket and pushing all of my code to it, but for some reason it is pushing another folder’s contents to the repo? I used git status and saw that there were many other files that were untracked yet completely irrelevant.

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    • I have an existing Xcode project
    • I cd into the folder
    • I add my origin remote
    • I git push -u origin --all
    • I go to Bitbucket and see that another folder of mine has been pushed up

    If I use the command ls in my directory, I see that only the files I need are there.

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  • One Solution collect form web for “Git Push To New Repo Pushing Wrong Content”

    Turns out I hadn’t initialized my git repository within that folder….
    I used git init and it worked!

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