Git push to heroku

First, I create new keys using

ssh-keygen -t rsa -C ""

Then I add the generated key to heroku by heroku keys:add.
After that, I tried to push my git repository to heroku using git push heroku master.

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  • Before that I have configed my git repository using these commands: git init, git add ., git commit,heroku create, git remote add heroku git@heroku:sth.git.

    However, I got this error Host key verification failed.

    I’m running ubuntu version 11.10. This is strange.

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    This is very silly. When it asked whether I wanted to add the host, I just entered without saying yes.

    I think

    git remote add heroku git@heroku:sth.git

    should be

    git remote add heroku

    i.e. rather than just heroku.

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