Git push –force from IntelliJ IDEA

It seems that the force option was removed from the pushing dialog. I am currently using IntelliJ IDEA 13.1.1 and I cannot find any way how to push with fore option. I tried to search the documentation and it seems that in version 10 the force option was still there. Do you maybe know how to push with force from IntelliJ IDEA?

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    As far as issue 85773 is concerned, that option shouldn’t be in the GUI yet (for IDEA 11-12 or 13+).
    And it would be disabled when on the master branch.

    That is why issue 76252 advocates to be able to type git commands in the git console: that way, you still have a way to execute the right command, without leaving the IDE.

    Update November 2014, for IntelliJ 14 (won’t be backported to 13):

    To enable the feature user have to select “Allow force push” in Settings | Version Control | Git“.

    As some additional protection we’ve added a configuration option there to specify the list of “protected” branches, i.e. branches which are not allowed to be force pushed to.
    The value is saved in .idea/vcs.xml and thus is shared among the team.

    Since IntelliJ IDEA 14 update it’s possible to enable a checkbox for exactly that, you first have to enable “Allow force push” in Settings->Version Control->Git.

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