Git push error: RPC failed: curl 52

git push fails with following error

fatal: RPC failed: curl 52: Empty reply from server

The upload succeeds in case only one file was modified, added or deleted.

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     git config --global --add core.compression -1

    The git version is 2.8.2 running on ubuntu 14.04, and I have tried with both openssl and gnutls compilations.

    ssh remotes also fail.

    The problem is encountered with repositories of


    Fail safe answers appreciated

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    In terminal use sudo to clone, or type:

    git config --global http.postBuffer 157286400

    its worked for me

    I had a chat with Gideon @ atlassian he suggested to use SSH over HTTPS to fix the “curl 52” error.

    For me switching to SSH fixed the problem. Here’s the complete answer:

    This is a HTTP/HTTPS timeout issue involving either some large commit
    size, or a weak network. If you’re cloning, can you try to see if you
    can clone the repository using this method:

    Can you try to see if running this
    command before any git operations help as well:

    git config --global http.postBuffer 524288000

    Also, this issue usually won’t occur in SSH;
    so maybe it is worth trying to set up SSH and then do the operation
    through SSH:

    Following worked for me.

    git config --global core.compression 0
    git clone --depth 1 <repo> //  partial clone to truncate the amount of info coming down
    #cd repo // go into the new directory and 
    git fetch --unshallow //retrieve the rest of the clone
    git pull --all //final pull

    Hope, this could be helpful for someone having the same issue.

    Appearently it’s a problem with HTTPS problem.
    Switching to SSH fix the problem with all repositories.

    I have the same problem on arch linux, git version 2.8.2, can’t push to bitbucket repo.
    Cloning and pull works.

    Following worked for me.
    stop WIFI and use the Network cable to connect the NetWork

    Maybe it is a problem about network

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