Git: Push changes after “git rm”

I deleted a file using git rm test and currently this is the output of git status .

Noob@Noob:/media/data/bitbucket/pythonscripts$ git status .
# On branch master
# Changes to be committed:
#   (use "git reset HEAD <file>..." to unstage)
#       deleted:    test

Now when I try to push the change in my repo using git push it says Everything up-to-date. I understand that normally one needs to first add and than commit before push but in my case what do I add beacause I have already deleted the file.

Also if I do git commit -m "commit message" will this override all my commits because currently I have no file to attach this commit to.

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    After doing git rm you need to do git commit. Git says that Everything up-to-date is because you have not created a commit with this file removed.

    For example if you do git reset --hard you’ll see that your file is back.

    In general git rm is no different from git add.

    will this override all my commits

    No it won’t, it will create a new commit with this file removed.

    There are three steps to answer your question.

    1. git rm #your_files
    2. git commit -m "#your_comments"
    3. git push origin #your_local_branch:#your_remote_branch
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