Git push branch error after pull rebase

step 1. git pull --rebase

step 2: git push origin my_branch

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    Question, how to push branch after pull rebase?


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  • 2 Solutions collect form web for “Git push branch error after pull rebase”

    Rebasing a branch in Git may involve rewriting the history of that branch, assuming that the bases of the two branches were different. From what you told us, it seems that you rebased on a different branch. Most likely, in your case, your my_branch was rewritten, which means you cannot simply push to the remote.

    To get around this, you can force push your branch via:

    git push --force origin my_branch

    However, you might not want to do this if the rebase on a different branch were unintentional.

    Instead, try rebasing this way:

    git pull --rebase origin my_branch
    # resolve merge conflicts, if any
    git push origin my_branch

    General warning:

    Force pushing a public shared branch is usually a bad idea, because it causes problems for everyone who shares that branch. If your current workflow involves doing this, you might want to reconsider.

    First of all you have to check the status of rebase process. If rebase is running push wouldn’t work. So git rebase –abort/ git rebase –skip to stop the rebase.
    Then try to commit any untracked files if any mismatch.

    Finally git push origin my_branch will work I think.

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