Git pull/push error: RPC failed; result=22, HTTP code = 408

I am new to GIT. I am using Git version

I am working on project hosted on github. While pushing and pulling the code from github sometime it works fine and some time it gives me error.

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  • error: RPC failed; result=22, HTTP code = 408

    fatal: The remote end hung up unexpectedly

    I don’t what is going wrong. If anyone can suggest me something what could possibly be the issue.

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  • 2 Solutions collect form web for “Git pull/push error: RPC failed; result=22, HTTP code = 408”

    The problem is due to git/https buffer settings. In order to solve it run this below command:-

    git config http.postBuffer 524288000

    And try git push again

    I, too, got this recently, and @shiminsh’s solution “Worked for me”, gazing at the documentation {well looking at the output from man git-config} we have:


    Maximum size in bytes of the buffer used by smart HTTP transports when POSTing data to the remote system. For requests larger than this buffer size, HTTP/1.1 and Transfer-Encoding: chunked is used to avoid creating a massive pack file locally. Default is 1 MiB, which is sufficient for most requests.

    I do wonder, though, if a limit of around 0.5 GBytes might be a bit much the other way…! I am using Git version on a Debian Wheezy Linux platform but I doubt that is that relevant to this issue. What this setting is basically saying is “for pretty much anything you send to the remote system use HTTP/1.1 and Transfer-Encoding: Chunked and don’t worry about creating a massive pack file locally”.

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