git-p4 clone command fails

I’m trying to run this command: git-p4 clone -v //depot/path/project/v31a

And it fails with error:

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    Reinitialized existing Git repository in /home/xxx/Downloads/p4tmp/v31a/.git/

    Reading pipe: [‘git’, ‘config’, ‘–bool’, ‘git-p4.useclientspec’]

    Doing initial import of //depot/path/project/v31a/ from revision #head into refs/remotes/p4/master

    Reading pipe: [‘git’, ‘config’, ‘git-p4.user’]

    Reading pipe: [‘git’, ‘config’, ‘git-p4.password’]

    Reading pipe: [‘git’, ‘config’, ‘git-p4.port’]

    Reading pipe: [‘git’, ‘config’, ‘’]

    Reading pipe: [‘git’, ‘config’, ‘git-p4.client’]

    Opening pipe: [‘p4’, ‘-G’, ‘files’, ‘//depot/path/project/v31a/…#head’]

    Opening pipe: [‘p4’, ‘-G’, ‘describe’, ‘-s’, ‘222342’]

    Reading pipe: [‘git’, ‘config’, ‘–bool’, ‘core.ignorecase’]

    commit into refs/remotes/p4/master

    Opening pipe: p4 -G users

    IO error with git fast-import. Is your git version recent enough?


    Before this, I have set P4HOST, P4USER AND P4PASSWD environment variables.

    Any idea what this error is? My git version is 2.3.6.

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  • One Solution collect form web for “git-p4 clone command fails”

    That error happens if Python can’t talk to git fast-import. You could check that it’s actually installed:

    $ git fast-import -h

    You might also get it if git-p4 can’t create temporary files for some reason. Running your command under strace might offer some more clues as to what’s happening.

    What OS are you running on?

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