Git over ssh without Git being installed on server

I have full access to some folder on a remote Linux server over ssh and scp. I can upload and download files but not install apps. Now I want to put a git repository on this server.
When I try to clone from an over scp copied repository I get the following error message:

sgit-upload-pack: Command not found
fatal: The remote end hung up unexpectedly

Cloning using the same command from Github works as expected. Do I need Git installed on the server? If yes, is there any work around?

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    I think that git needs to be there. But you can simply install it in the directory you have access to.

    You could use SSHFS and mount the directory on your local machine, and then run Git locally.

    You would need enhanced access for SSHFS, I would imagine.

    This would be a really cool addition to Git, and I believe there is some way to do it, though I haven’t found it… yet. I am using git in combination with rsync to the remote server for a similar situation.

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