Git over SSH Server in Windows, cannot find shared libraries

I was to setup an SSH Server to Host my Git Repository to my local area network. I followed this tutorial by TimDavis hoping that I would be able to make a secured Git Repository.

I tested my connection using Putty and it was successful. My only problem was I cannot run “git” command in the console. Then I tried cloning my repository, and this was the error that outputed:

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  • /usr/bin/git-upload-pack.exe: error while loading shared libraries: 
    libiconv2.dll: cannot open shared object file: 
    No such file or directory

    Also when I ran “git” command in the Putty Bash that was connected to the SSH Server, this was the error I encountered:

    /usr/bin/git.exe: error while loading shared libraries: pthreadGC2.dll: 
    cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory

    I seems that all my problem was about the missing libraries but I don’t know how to solve it. I am using Windows 7 as an Operating System.


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    I got this error too. I tried copying not just git.exe but the corresponding dlls (libiconv, etc…) from the git bin directory to the CopSsh bin directory and it went away.

    As explained here: the sasl libraries and the ca-certificates are missing. Install them by running the setup of cygwin, and installing libsasl2 and ca-certificates packages (the first is support for SSL and the second the root certificates that will be used for SSL authentication).

    Hi if you are talking about the following article:

    Then try to modify the path. Just add add the following lines into \home\.bashrc :
    export PATH=$PATH:/cygdrive/d/programs/Git/bin:/cygdrive/d/programs/Git/libexec/git-core

    Where d/programs/Git is a d:\programs\Git — is a path to msysgit installation

    I also found that git submodule update would fail on Cygwin due to another broken dependency, where you need to install the gettext package as well.

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