Git On Windows Without Cygwin?

Are there any native Git implementations for Windows that do not require Cygwin? I’ve become a fan of the TortoiseSVN client, and would really like to see a similar Git client for Windows.

Edit: I am also considering Mercurial, but would prefer to check out a few before I make a decision.

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    I started GitExtensions about a week ago. Allthough version 0.6 is a pretty complete package, I do not consider it release-ready yet. The toolset should be ready for its first stable release in a few days. There are a few things I need to fix before anyone should use it in production. The most important problem now is that the shell extension part is written in c# and therefore can cause problems. I’m rewriting this in c++ at the moment, should just take another few hours. I also want to build in some features that should prevent users from screwing up (like create a stash ontop of another stash and throwing away work or commiting changes when in the middle of a merge). I allready finished allmost all git commands I ever use (push, pull, fetch, stash, branch, commit, merge, format-patch, am, apply, etc), so it should be usable pretty soon. The toolset is written in C# (.Net 3.5 until version 0.6, later versions use .Net 2.0) except the shell extension part. There is also a visual studio plugin, but this is still pretty basic.

    I have not tried TortoiseGit yet btw, but I really like TortoiseSVN!


    There is a TortoiseGit — Window Explore Extenstion to Operate Git.

    Take a look at MSysGit. However this is just the command line git compiled with MingW instead of cygwin. This is not a GUI Tool like TortoiseSVN.

    There is GitExtensions that takes the same path as Tortoise but it does not look ready yet.

    Have you tried looking at the TortoiseGit page on Google Code? I believe it’s the same project as the other link posted, but it’s a bit friendlier. You can download the latest version as an installer from there.

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