Git nested repos

I have 2 repos, A and B and I want to nest B inside A (add it as a sub folder). I just placed B inside A, but the problem is that when I do any modification on repo B, it’s not added or even considered in Reop A.

What change or modification should I do to make it considered as repo A?

Considering that repo A is private and repo B is public on GitHub, would that make any difference also?

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    You should implement B as a submodule.

    git submodule add git:// path/to/B

    Where git:// is the distant path to B.
    And path/to/B is the local directory where you want to put it in A.

    Then every time you’ll clone the repo A, you will have to do a git submodule update. And B will be up to date.

    Capistrano manages it automatically if you define the :git_enable_submodules to true.

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