git move sub project to the root of the reposotory

I am using GIT repository to check-in my changes. in repository, I have a project and under that I am checking in everything. But while configuring ‘OpenShift’ in eclipse using jbosstools, it is saying

    The project <projectname> is not at the root of your git repository 
and appears to be a sub-project. Please copy your project to it's own repository. 

How can I move my project to root using eclipse? without using command prompt.

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  • One Solution collect form web for “git move sub project to the root of the reposotory”

    Though the question is quite old, would like to add the answer so that it helps someone.

    I have faced similar issue, Resolved it by using following steps,

    1. Click File -> New -> Other -> Git Repository.

    2. Browse and select your project you want to deploy.

      NOTE: do not select the folder above your project.

      And you want to deploy project1, do not select Workspace, select prject1

    3. Right click on project -> Team -> Add to index

    4. Right click on project -> Team -> Commit

    5. Now deploy the project on openshift

    hope it helps.

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