Git Merge subdirectory to branch to root directory of master

I have a branch that has the content of the master branch as a subdirectory. Now I made some changes to this subdirectory. Ideally I want to be able to merge these changes back into the master branch.

Branch layout:

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  • index.html
      > a.txt
      > b.txt

    Master layout


    How would I go about doing this? Is it even a good approach? In SVN I avoided merging subdirectories back into the trunk. But this is a somewhat different use case, the layout of both, the branch and master, will never change.

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    You could try

    • making a branch from your current branch (git branch to_be_merge_to_master)
    • moving back your file to the correct structure (git mv ...)
    • merging that second branch to master

    make use of git submodules

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