git merge prompt “fatal: empty ident”

when I want to merge change from the “cl” branch using git, I typed:

git merge "merge" HEAD cl

I got the following anwser:

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  • * Please tell me who you are.


    git config –global “”
    git config –global “Your Name”

    to set your account’s default identity. Omit –global to set the
    identity only in this repository.

    fatal: empty ident not allowed

    So, I typed:

    git config  chandler.chen "chen lei"

    however, after config the account information, merge still get the former result.

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  • 2 Solutions collect form web for “git merge prompt “fatal: empty ident””

    git config --global ""
    git config --global "Your Name"

    How exactly did this end up as git config chandler.chen "chen lei" for you?!

    Here’s what you need to run:

    git config --global ""
    git config --global "put your name or nickname here"

    Even after fixing the identity thing, I have no idea what that merge command is trying to do. It should probably be just git merge cl

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