git merge prompt “fatal: empty ident”

when I want to merge change from the “cl” branch using git, I typed:

git merge "merge" HEAD cl

I got the following anwser:

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    git config –global “”
    git config –global “Your Name”

    to set your account’s default identity. Omit –global to set the
    identity only in this repository.

    fatal: empty ident not allowed

    So, I typed:

    git config  chandler.chen "chen lei"

    however, after config the account information, merge still get the former result.

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  • 2 Solutions collect form web for “git merge prompt “fatal: empty ident””

    git config --global ""
    git config --global "Your Name"

    How exactly did this end up as git config chandler.chen "chen lei" for you?!

    Here’s what you need to run:

    git config --global ""
    git config --global "put your name or nickname here"

    Even after fixing the identity thing, I have no idea what that merge command is trying to do. It should probably be just git merge cl

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