git merge into master only overwrite changed files

Is it possible to merge branch edits into branch master with the following scenario:

many changes were made on edits as well as new files added.

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  • many changes were also made to master as well as new files added.

    I’d like to overwrite any duplicate files in master and use the files from edits, so that when im done, master will contain all changes from edits, all new files from edits and all new files from master. If both contained new files, it would use edits‘s new files. If there are merges, I’d like to replace the entire file with the one from edits.

    I found this answer: and tried the comment’s suggestion but that made conflicts which i’d have to resolve.

    Is this possible?

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  • One Solution collect form web for “git merge into master only overwrite changed files”

    On the master branch, merge in the edits branch with the theirs merge strategy:

    git checkout master
    git merge -Xtheirs edits

    In case of conflicts, this will prefer the theirs branch. Changes from master where there is no conflict will be retained.

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