Git – master is ahead of origin/master – Don't want it to be

My master branch is ahead of origin/master by 14 commits. I want it to be in sync with origin/master as those fourteen commits are for specific branches and not master. How do I roll back?

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    If you want your local master to be the same as origin/master, then you want to checkout master and run:

    git reset --hard origin/master

    Note this will discard any changes in the working directory.

    Your master branch has some (14) commits which are for some other branch and not the master. So, first the work must be copied to its correct branch. Suppose the work was actually meant to be in the branch called dev-branch. Before we do that we need to switch to dev-branch.

    git checkout dev-branch

    Now, bring the work from master to dev-branch using the git merge command. git merge command merges the specified branch which the current (dev-branch) branch.

    git merge master

    In case of merge conflicts follow these instructions: If there are no conflicts proceed to next step.

    After the commits have been copied to their correct branch unwanted commits from the master branch have to be removed and as per your requirement local master needs to be in sync with remote master (origin/master). git reset –hard command discards changes from the working directory to a specified state which we specified here as the state of remote master.

    git reset --hard origin/master

    By now all the work has been moved to your required branch, commits have been discarded from local master and local master is in sync with remote master.

    Assuming you haven’t push your code to your remote…

    $git checkout yourBranch
    $git rebase master

    That will bring the changes from master to yourBranch

    Now get rid of the commits in master

    $git rebase -i HEAD~15

    That will open a window with a list of the last 15 commits, delete all those lines. Then save, then push

    Edit: as per @skeggse suggestion, use the last 15 commits. See comments for explanation

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