Git – Make local HEAD the new master

I decided to go back a few commits because the path I followed was wrong. So I checked out Added cordova to .gitignore commit, and made some modifications. Like illustrated below :

enter image description here

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  • Now when I push the new modifications, an error message shows up :
    error: src refspec (detached from aad6423) does not match any.

    How can I tell git to discard the previous commits (in purple) and continue with my local HEAD as master ?

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    Even though you don’t want that old branch anymore, git really doesn’t like rewriting history or discarding changes. Just revert and merge.

    git branch new_master              # name current detached HEAD
    git checkout master                # switch back to master
    git revert --no-edit HEAD~4..HEAD  # create commits reverting back to where the history split
    git merge new_master               # merge
    git branch -d new_master           # don't need it anymore

    Make HEAD your new local master:

    $ git checkout -B master

    Force-push your changes:

    $ git push -f

    Because you have divergence, you’ll need to destroy the remote master and push up the local version. Depending on the security in place, you may not be able to do so. This has other implications as well, depending on who else is doing work based on master. It should be done with extreme caution.

    git push origin :master // deletes remote master
    git push origin master  // pushes local master to remote

    Another (probably better) approach would be to revert the commits to master and commit the reverts (which themselves are commits). Then cherry-pick the work you’ve done on your local. First, create a new topic branch locally to save your work.

    git checkout -b <topic_branch_name>  // create new branch to save local work
    git checkout master
    git reset --hard HEAD // sync local master to remote HEAD
    git revert <last commit to master>
    git revert <second-to-last commit to master>
    git revert <Added cordova to .gitignore commit>
    git push
    git cherry-pick <commit hash from topic branch commit(s)>

    Since you pushed the changes upstream, the better approach is to revert them with another commit. A commit that will undo the changes.
    Removing commits or branches from upstream is bad practice. See this answer for more details.

    So, I would do this in a couple steps:

    git co -b new_master

    to get a nice ref to what you want the new master to be.

    git co master ; git co -b old_master

    to keep a ref to the old master in case you want to go back or something later ; you can always delete that branch later once you’re sure.

    git co master ; git reset --hard new_master

    this will reset the HEAD of the branch you’re on (master) to the specified reference (new_master).

    git push -f origin

    this will do a force-push of your new master branch to the remote. NOTE that this is bad practice if anyone else is using your remote repo as it will potentially break their fetches/pulls.

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