git log shows an unmerged changeset

The following should not be possible, right? How can a branch contain a changeset, but a cherry-pick of that actually do something? I checked, there are no merges or changes that reverted this changeset…

➜  SourceRoot git:(release-HOTFIX-7) git branch --contains ade53bfdd9d5fae7b16ccfa5feaba451fc229565
* release-HOTFIX-7

➜  SourceRoot git:(release-HOTFIX-7) git cherry-pick ade53bfdd9d5fae7b16ccfa5feaba451fc229565
[release-HOTFIX-7 aa060d4] JIRA-1427
Author: some-poor-developer's name
6 files changed, 41 insertions(+), 1 deletion(-)
create mode 100644 JavaJars/jzlib-1.1.2.jar

What are some of the things that I should do to prevent a dropped changeset in the future? I must have done something wrong?

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  • edit – reply to Antak’s comment below

    commit d5855051fa2c779df553a4a388928e80f822bb36
    Author: <some_poor_dev's_name>
    Date:   Wed Jul 17 15:26:21 2013 -0700
        #comment redacted
    A       AntJavaJars/jzlib-1.1.2.jar

    and that’s it. the file itself claims to be added by the cherry-pick.

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  • One Solution collect form web for “git log shows an unmerged changeset”

    git branch --contains won’t lie. That commit is most definitely merged into that branch somewhere. It looks like you’re just adding the same changes that it introduced twice. Have you looked at the result of the cherry-pick? What happened to the files that it touched?

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