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I am doing an assignment in a university course and I am using git as version control for this assignment. The game I have been working on is complete, however, along with the hand in I would like to submit the git log, effectively showing my progress during the time I have been working on it.

I have tried this:

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  • git log --stat > log.log

    But it more or less just gives me very unreadable stuff. Can anyone help me with a command so that I can get a nice formatting on this?

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    I would recommend using a different format than the default. My usual choice is summary with the graph, but one line summary alone usually does the trick.

    Option 1: One line summary w/ Graph

    git log --pretty=format:'%h : %s' --graph > log.log

    Results in:

    * 2d3acf9 : ignore errors from SIGCHLD on trap
    *   5e3ee11 : Merge branch 'master' of git://
    | * 420eac9 : Added a method for getting the current branch.
    * | 30e367c : timeout code and tests
    * | 5a09431 : add timeout protection to grit
    * | e1193f8 : support for heads with slashes in them
    * d6016bc : require time for xmlschema

    Option 2: One line summary w/o Graph

    git log --pretty=format:'%h was %an, %ar, message: %s' > log.log

    Results in:

    a6b444f was Scott Chacon, 5 days ago, message: dammit, this is the second time this has re
    49d77f7 was Scott Chacon, 8 days ago, message: modified index to create refs/heads if it i
    9764edd was Hans Engel, 11 days ago, message: Add diff-lcs dependency
    e1ba1e3 was Hans Engel, 11 days ago, message: Add dependency for Open4
    0f87b4d was Scott Chacon, 12 days ago, message: merged recent changes

    You can find more formatting options in the docs here

    Try this line

    git log > log.txt

    git log --oneline --decorate > log.txt
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