git log exclude renames

I can list commits for a file, even if it has been renamed or moved

git log --follow

However, I would like to “follow” the file, but only list commits where the file was actually changed. Something like

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  • git log --follow --exclude-renames

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    A bit like in “nicely display file rename history in git log”, you could add --name-status in order to:

    • not select (grep -v renames: status ‘Rxxx‘, while keeping addition ‘A‘ or modification ‘M‘)
    • still follow the file through its different name

    But that will still involve post-processing the git log command (with grep and/or sed) in order to get the output you want: there is no native ‘--exclude-renames‘-like option yet.

    git log --follow --name-status --oneline | sed 'h;N;/\nR/d;g'
    • copy commit line to hold space
    • read in second line
    • if line starting with R is found, delete pattern space and start next cycle,
      else copy hold space to pattern space

    thanks to jthill

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