Git lane concept

I am new to git and would like to know more about git lanes used for finding branches.
Git repository has a lane concept for identifying if we are in same branch or in main branch etc.

But when i checked the lane that is initialized for the 1st branch, it is set as “1” – main branch, the very next branch created is marked as “0” – 1st branch and next branch as lane “2” and then lane 3 and so on…

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  • i am using egit2.1 in eclispe
    so i have doubt if

    1. the master lane is always set as 1 on git.
    2. where is the lane value set for master? is it part of egit or jgit

    and do any of you have any documentation for egit development 🙂


    Sorry if I didnt use exact name, i was unaware of the Class used for lane until i checked into the code for eGit

    the code was found in org.eclipse.egit.ui.internal.history.CommitGraphTable
    some code that i found related to lane defect for a google search of git CommitGraphTable lane

    These are the classes where I found the Lane object and lane definition



    So please tell me where the lane is being set for the master lane?

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  • 2 Solutions collect form web for “Git lane concept”

    Maybe a screenshot would help clarifying what you mean by “lane”, but EGit doesn’t attached an id to branches, it simply list them:

    Egit branches

    Same with Git, which simply records the active HEAD and the HEADS for all the branches.

    After your edit, “lane” here refers to an internal class SWTLane or SWTCommitList”, for managing the color of a branch.
    I didn’t see a specific lane set for master, only a query for all the right branches done in SWTCommitList in order to draw the right lanes.

    I did some further digging in to the code and the Class PlotCommitList was setting the Lane for each commit object in the commit tree.

    This logic was part of Jgit logic

    ya @VonC was right to on extent about SWTCommitList

     package org.eclipse.jgit.revplot;
     public class PlotCommitList<L extends PlotLane> extends
    protected void enter(final int index, final PlotCommit<L> currCommit){
    //This method contains the logic
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