Git Integration to The Bug Genie?

I’ve set up the bug tracker The Bug Genie for use in one of my developer groups and so far, most things have been pretty easy to get working. Now, I’d like to make use of their Git integration. However, their documentation seems a bit lacking and seems to assume I know some things that I evidently don’t.

Does anyone know of some good resources for setting up Git integration into Bug Genie? I have a Linux-based server that I have full control over, so I’m not really limited in that aspect, and I can use the hooks that Bug Genie comes with. I just need some more guidance for getting everything working.

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  • I found the hook that they’ve provided, but it doesn’t really give me enough information to feel comfortable going off of in my current server setup (which uses Capistrano for some stuff, and has some post-receive hooks already). I was hoping for something a little clearer (even some clarification on the documentation already there) so I don’t have to resort to trial and error.

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    There is a hook script under $buggeniedir/modules/vcs_integration/hooks/git, it’s pretty much self-documenting.

    Mind you, you’ll have to manually add it to every repository, unfortunately.


    You copy the hook file from $buggeniedir/modules/vcs_integration/hooks/git/tbg-post-receive to $your-repo-dir/.git/hooks/post-receive (on the server!). Then you edit the post-receive file you just copied in to contain the full path to the installation directory of Bug Genie (mind you, the directory!). After that set the appropriate ID in the hook-file. You can find that ID in the Bug Genie webinterface, at, click on Project Settings (the help page that that page links to contains all keywords, as well).

    Clone/update the repo from the server, change something, voila 🙂

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