Git Installation on OSX: Cannot exec 'git-credential-osxkeychain': Bad CPU type in executable

I am attempting to follow the directions on for getting up and running with git. I installed version

However when I try to use the OS X Keychain Helper I get:

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  • fatal: cannot exec ‘git-credential-osxkeychain’: Bad CPU type in executable

    I am using an older but still Intel MBP (Intel Core Duo), which is 32 bit and it looks like the binary is x86_64 only. The main git binary from the same package is compiled for both i386 and x86_64.

    So it looks like the current package is not fully i386 compatible, and since I am very new to git I guess the question becomes are there any other ways to cache my password besides this helper? It is described as the recommended way moving forwards.

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  • One Solution collect form web for “Git Installation on OSX: Cannot exec 'git-credential-osxkeychain': Bad CPU type in executable”

    “I get build errors when trying to build that helper universally. You’ll just have to remove it for the time being.”


    It’s a wontfix issue.

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