git initialize remote repo

I followed this post to setup a remote git repo.

Instead of starting from scratch,

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    1. I did some development in my pc1 (the repo was created with git init)
    2. Now, I wanted to move the repo to a server (same subnet)

      mkdir my_project.git
      cd my_project.git
      git init --bare

    3. Then, locally

      cd my_project
      git remote add origin
      git push -u origin master

    Now, in remote (server) repo, I see these folders

    branches config description HEAD hooks info objects refs

    I was expecting/want to see the same content as my local (pc1) git repo

    bin doc src

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    You initialized a bare repository on the remote side. What this means is that it stores the history, but doesn’t have a working directory (translation — no actual checkout of the project). The structure you’re seeing is normal.

    git init --bare means you create a bare repository, rather than working repository. A bare repository usually stores at server and it looks just like your .git directory of your working r repository.

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